From cut and fill analysis to project time-lapse, Mission Drones is committed To delivering your needs

Site Measurements

Using geotagged aerial photography and simple point cloud surveys, Mission Drones are able to supply the following

  • 3D models
  • Cut/fill calculations for efficient waste and stock pile logistics
  • Area / Volume Calculations
  • Local vertical levels for terrain and slope analysis

Documenting Projects

However complex, Mission Drones can fully document projects using a combination of unmanned aerial systems and specialised all weather time-lapse cameras

Documenting construction activity with an added aerial advantage and a wider field of view can benefit and assist with the following key tasks

  • Monitor workflow progress
  • Security and surveillance of equipment and materials
  • Lessons learned through full time lapse
  • promoting success through intranet and social media
  • Damages and claims
Document site progress – Monitor site welfare, safety and setup

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